Changing Views with Eesha Mahatme

Updated: Feb 3

"For her the tipping point was when the view from her terrace was not that of hills but the Pirana Landfill site"

Eesha in the lovely garden she tends to.

Eesha Mahatme is a freelance graphic designer who has always been in support of a green lifestyle but for her the tipping point was when the view from her terrace was not that of hills but the Pirana Landfill site, a major dumping ground in Ahmedabad. That drastic change in her view made her realize that some serious steps need to be taken. Since then she’s been making one small change at a time to reduce her impact on the environment, to mention a few- getting every day’s milk in a steel container instead of single use pouches, carrying a cloth bag everywhere and choosing to cycle and walk whenever possible. She has also set up a balcony garden that she loves to tend.

Eesha enjoying her coffee in our Earth Tatva Mug

Eesha has been using Earth Tatva’s recycled ceramic mug for almost 2 years now. It has been her coffee’s best companion. She feels that the mug is not only designed aesthetically but also ergonomically in terms of good grip and serving a perfect portion. She appreciates our initiative to reduce ceramic waste and believes that using Earth Tatva’s products have helped her move closer to a green lifestyle.

The first step is to change yourself; the next is to change the ones around you. Advancing to the next step, Eesha has been motivating her friends and family to follow a greener and a healthier lifestyle by switching to products that are natural and sustainable and avoiding wastage in whatever small ways they can.

Finally, she advices to not hesitate to shell out a little extra for products that help Mother Earth breathe and live longer. They are a true investment for a better future.

As we end, she leaves us with a strong and motivational quote-

Being green is more than just buying ‘eco’. It is an unshakable commitment to a sustainable lifestyle. -Jennifer Nini

Be like Eesha, be a Green Samaritan!

If graphic design and gardening is something that interests you, connect with Eesha at

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