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Our Story



Our inception was through an epiphany moment our founder experienced when, as a student, he visited a major ceramic production hub in India and saw heaps of production rejects thrown on the roadside. This experience was taken ahead as a self-initiated graduation project to turn these production rejects into a reusable material, an endeavour to turn linear ceramic production into a circular process.

Since then, after multiple tests, interacting with veterans and peers, being recognized by international organizations - we have come a far way ahead to turn what was once a student project into a high potential commercial venture.

We tested numerous material compositions with various production methods for ceramics over months. This was made possible through generous support from National Institute of Design (NID), Ahmedabad and various other studios who generously let us use their infrastructure, shared their knowledge, experience and resources to help us co-create TatvaMix.

Shashank Nimkar Testing-Recycled-Ceramic-Material-Compositions-Earth-Tatva.png

Since day one, the aim was to be able to reuse the waste as a raw material for multiple production cycles, only then would we be able to make the process truly circular. Hence, rather than using cement or resin it was decided to use natural binders which after firing turn the whole material composition into a mono-material, allowing us to recycle it again and again.

Our first prototype was made using 70% recycled content and was well received by potential users like you. We participated in pop-up stalls to offer people the first hand experience of our material & products and seek their feedback. Immediately after successfully making the first prototype our story was covered by a major digital publication and we received an overwhelmingly positive response from customers, institutions and brands - inquiring about where they can buy our products and build synergistic collaborations. We are truly grateful to you for believing in us throughout and being patient until we were ready to offer our innovation for leading a greener lifestyle.

First-Prototypes-of-Recycled-Ceramics-Presented by Shashank Nimkar At-Makers-Faire-Earth-Tatva.png

Adding to this, we were backed by government & private grants for seed support to initiate our operations and turn this student project into a commercial activity, enabling us to deliver value through a triple bottom line approach - people, planet, profit.

We now invite you to use our recycled ceramic wares and be a Green Samaritan to lead the change in your tribe.



Archeology has shown us that ceramics remain unweathered for centuries.


Imagine the prodigious amount of waste landfilled by production units across the country & the world!

Amount of clay used by one ceramic production cluster in India annually is  7.2 Lakh tons

Annual wastage of fired pieces at this cluster is  21,600 tons


Multiply this annual wastage by

50 years of production

The waste generated is equal to 

an 18 storey building/

the size of a football field

Need & Necessity
Our Journey


Earth Tatva innovation timeline




Meet Mani Kanta and Ganesh, our dedicated interns who bring to our team both, a deep understanding of ceramics and a passion for environmental sustainability. Always striving for excellence, they're committed to creating beautiful and eco-friendly products, and are constantly working to improve themselves and the company. If you see them working hard, it may be to make our creations even better at the earliest so they can watch yet another anime episode.



- Ceramic Wizard - 

Design & Production Manager

A cheerful designer committed to positive environmental impact, Sakshi puts her best foot forward at Earth Tatva when it comes to managing and designing meaningful recycled ceramic products and processes. With an eye for detail and insights into the subject, she ensures you welcome the greenest ceramics to your home. She never fails to keep up with the trends and always advocates her Gen-Ziness.

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Shashank Nimkar Founder and CEO of Earth Tatva


- Master Wizard - 

Founder & CEO

Maker at heart, Shashank enjoys exploring different materials and strives to make positive things happen through collaboration and co-creation. He initiated the work for Earth Tatva as a part of his graduation project for Master’s programme at National Institute of Design (NID), Ahmedabad and since then he is on a mission to turn ceramic into a circular material. Secret documents suggest he started making mugs from recycled ceramics as he is a big fan of hot chocolate.

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When I started working on Earth Tatva as a student project I had no idea how it would turn out to be, the only aim I had was to be able to use the fired ceramic rejects for multiple production cycles. Owing to the support from hundreds of individuals, either through their own benevolence or their organization’s capacity, Earth Tatva is a reality today. 

Earth Tatva is not just a brand or an organization but is essentially a testament to a positive society, in which, when one starts seeking change and works towards it through collaboration, people are more than happy to offer any help they can to materialize that change. My experience of interacting and working with people from diverse backgrounds has reinforced my faith in one of the most inspiring proverbs:


“If you want to go fast, walk alone. If you want to go far, walk together.”

If you want to pursue something that has been on your mind for a while but haven’t been able to materialize it, there is no better time to get on to it than now. I am a true believer of the positive cumulative effect of small genuine efforts. If we can do it, you can do it too! And together we can make the world a better place, today onwards.


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