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TatvaMix - Recycled ceramic material by 'Earth Tatva'

TatvaMix is a material designed from ceramic production rejects, adding high value to consumers and industries alike. It not only reduces mining for natural resources but also offers high production yield per unit time while consuming lesser energy. It can be used to make best quality ceramics in terms of both, durability and aesthetics, at affordable pricing. Apart from being food safe, below are some of the world class qualities that make TatvaMix the best material to make ceramic products.

35% Stronger_Recycled Ceramics_EarthTatva

35% Stronger
recycled ceramics

The recycled material we use makes our products 60% stronger than the required level and 35% stronger than the conventional industry products. The testing results (mentioned) clearly indicate that the MOR* of Earth Tatva products is much higher than the required rate.

*MOR - Modulus of Rupture

We use 60% of landfilled glazed ceramic rejects as our raw material, thereby reducing the need for mining of virgin materials by high quantum. We aim to disrupt the over-mining of natural resources by gradually narrowing the demand for mined natural resources by up to 60%.

60% Less Mining_Recycled Ceramics_EarthTatva.png

60% Less Mining
of natural resources

100% Recyclable_Recycled Ceramics_EarthTatva.png

100% Recyclable

We use clay itself as a natural binder for reusing landfilled ceramic waste in our raw material. Clay, in its natural lifecycle turns to ceramics after the firing process, thus, our mono-material enables us to recycle it for multiple production cycles.

Low Energy Consumption_Recycled Ceramics_EarthTatva.PNG

Low Energy

matures at a
lower temp.

The high recycled content in our material matures at temperatures lower than conventional firing, helping us save precious energy and lower the process’ carbon footprint during firing. This directly lowers the economic burden of manufacturing costs, an opportunity to increase profit margins.

Supports Green Building_Recycled Ceramics_EarthTatva.png

Green Building


One of the criteria for assessment of the buildings’ performance and its impact on the environment is the use of eco-friendly products in the project. Value-addition through our stronger, recyclable and low-energy material aids for such certifications.

Earth Tatva consciously chooses glazes which do not contain heavy metal oxides that are toxic and may leach into the food. Our products are tested to be 100% food safe.

100% Food Safe_Recycled Ceramics_EarthTatva.png

100% Food Safe
no toxic glazes

100% Vegan_Recycled Ceramics_EarthTatva.png

100% Vegan
no animal bones

There are certain types of ceramics which use animal bones as their composite material. We at Earth Tatva do not use bone based material for our core material or glazes. The recycled material is 100% vegan.

Microwave & Dishwasher Safe_Recycled Ceramics_EarthTatva.png

Microwave &
Dishwasher Safe

top shelf when

Our material contains low iron content and all the goodness of conventional ceramics, owing to which our products are 100% microwave safe for reheating purposes. Not ideal for cooking.

50% Quicker Casting Rate_Earth Tatva.png

50% Quicker
Casting Rate


Our material has up to 50% quicker casting rate, increasing the productivity and, hence, profits and net positive triple bottom line impact.

With these contributions the material aligns with the Sustainable Development Goals of 2030 drafted by United Nations to deaccelerate climate change.


Supports UN's

& production

Essentially offering

Guilt Free Lifestyle_Recycled Ceramics_EarthTatva.png

Guilt-free Lifestyle
conscious consumption

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