Gifting Green with Manya & Shivali Agarwal

Updated: Feb 15

"She spends time with her daughter by teaching her how to transplant little plants"

Shivali Agarwal enjoying her morning tea in our Earth Tatva Mug

Recently, we had the opportunity to be the reason behind a mother's smile when Manya Agarwal gifted her mother, Shivali Agarwal our Earth Tatva Mug. The thought really warmed our hearts the same way it did for Shivali. She said that it made her feel good to contribute to the environment by using our recycled ceramic mug.

Gifting green is so much more than buying an eco-friendly product, it's the want to make your loved ones live longer, healthier and better by choosing to protect and preserve our Earth first.

Shivali nurturing her plants with home made compost

Shivali's inspiration to lead a green lifestyle was Madhavi Kolte, her neighbor and a vegan activist. Shivali not only uses green products but also practices a crucial activity to make her contribution towards climate change and environment by segregating waste and composting wet kitchen waste daily. She often shows her family and friends her compost bins in spite of all the faces they make in the hope to motivate and inspire them to practice composting themselves. She also spends time with her daughter by teaching her how to transplant little plants. We for sure call that quality time!

Finally, she advices that local trees and plants bring more birds to our gardens. So, Plant Local!

As we end, she leaves us with a thoughtful quote-

“Life is a journey. Enjoy each step of the journey, don’t wait for the milestones”

Be like Shivali, be a Green Samaritan!

If growing plants and composting is something that interests you, connect with the duo at

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