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Subtle Journey with Ketul Patel

Updated: Jan 23, 2023

“He has been able to inspire his friends to make conscious choices & live a sustainable lifestyle by walking the talk.”

Earth Tatva Green Samaritan Ketul using recycled ceramic mug

Ketul energizing himself with tea in Earth Tatva's recycled ceramic mug before starting work

A long subtle journey of proactively looking to replace one product at a time to make his lifestyle more sustainable made Ketul Patel use Earth Tatva’s recycled ceramic mug. The mug is now his everyday companion for his breakfast which also serves as a talk trigger for his friends to start having conversations about making sustainable choices.

Earth Tatva Green Samaritan Ketul composting his kitchen waste

Ketul composting his kitchen waste

Ketul actively grows his own food at home through hydroponics and also composts the organic kitchen waste. He takes conscious effort in choosing what he buys to replace his everyday conventional products. He has pursued this journey since his school days and became a conscious consumer as he grew up.

As a green buyer, Ketul found a unique appeal in recycled ceramics and wanted to connect with the journey of how a student project got turned into a social venture. Gradually, his breakfast table friends have started making small choices in their lives, like taking stairs and choosing public transport.

Earth Tatva Green Samaritan Ketul growing his own food through hydroponics

Ketul growing his own food through hydroponics

Finally, he advises us to start taking action at an individual level, even if it's just by replacing one item on your routine with a sustainable alternative. This would eventually lead you to think more consciously about your choices. The sustainability journey is a snowball effect.

He leaves us with a provoking thought -

“Action is contagious, and talking is too mainstream.“

Be like Ketul, be a Green Samaritan!

If growing hydroponic food, composting and buying consciously interests you, connect with Ketul at

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